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      Electric device series of partial rotary valve

      lq series

      LQ series valve electric actuators are part of the electric devices for rotary valves, which are applicable to valves with 90 ° rotation such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and other si…

      multi rotating belt turb…

      The multi turn belt turbine electric actuator is composed of a special motor, a reduction mechanism, a stroke control mechanism, a torque control mechanism, an opening indication mechanism, a hand whe…

      explosion proof intellig…

      After the explosion-proof type of intelligent switch is assembled with the valve, the torque control mechanism, travel control mechanism and opening indication mechanism must be adjusted respectively …

      ordinary explosion-proof…

      The electric device of some rotary valves is called Q-type electric device for short. It is the driving equipment for the valve to realize the opening, closing or adjustment control. It is applicable …

      Common switch type

      Q-type valve electric device is applicable to butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and other rotary valves and similar equipment. The product has compact structure, large starting torque, high cont…



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