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      What are the simple reasons for the heating of valve electric actuator? How to solve it?

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      With the increasing use of valves in various industries, electric valves are widely used in chemical industry, water supply and other industries. Of course, various problems will be encountered in use, such as water leakage, water seepage, inadequate switch, manual failure, motor overheating, etc. Among them, many customers have encountered the problem of motor scalding. If it is properly solved, it can be solved in a few minutes. If it is not properly solved, the motor will burn out and cause huge losses. Now let's introduce the heating problem of the electric actuator of the valve.
      The motor in normal operation will be somewhat heated. Especially in the occasion of frequent switching. Therefore, there is no problem with slight motor scalding. If the temperature is obviously higher than the normal temperature when the hand feels it, and the temperature does not drop after a few minutes when the valve is in a standstill state, then this is abnormal, and we need to solve it as soon as possible.
      1. Find out the cause: the reason why the motor is abnormally hot or hot is that the motor has been in operation for a long time and can not effectively dissipate heat. Therefore, when we find that the motor is hot, we can use the electric pen to measure whether the motor has current. If there is current, it means that the motor is working, which is the reason why the motor is hot.
      2. After confirming that the motor is always working, the next step is to find out the cause of the problem and what caused the motor not to stop working. Electric valves generally have mechanical and electronic double limit. Under normal circumstances, the electronic limit will be stuck in the main position first. The mechanical limit plays an auxiliary role.
      3. We need to determine whether there are sundries in the medium in the pipeline, whether there is a valve that is not a full flow seal structure, and when the valve is fully open, the valve plate is still in the pipeline. If weeds, sticks, etc. in the medium jam the valve plate. If the valve cannot move to the full open position, the electronic limit will not stop the motor, which will cause the motor to be hot.
      4. If the medium is confirmed to be free of impurities, it is likely to be caused by the coordination error of mechanical limit and electronic limit. Generally, after the motor stops working under the interference of electronic limit, there is still a certain distance from the mechanical limit. If the electronic limit fails, the valve will be stuck in the mechanical limit, which will also cause the motor to work continuously. Cause fever. At this time, open the machine cover and check whether the stop of the microswitch responsible for electronic limit slips or deviates from the original commissioning position. Adjust it to the normal position to solve the problem.
      5. There is another reason for motor heating: the torque of the loaded electric actuator is too small, resulting in motor overload. This requires the replacement of a larger torque motor to solve the problem.

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